VanOnCall helps connect drivers of trucks and vans with people who need to move large things, like furniture, yard sale purchases, etc. If you have a van or a truck, register below. Then, whenever you're not busy and want to make some extra money, you can login and "go on duty". Potential customers near your current location will then see that you're available for quick moving jobs and contact you.

Location is important, because time is precious - if someone in your neighborhood needs to move a couch, a quick trip means easy money. But a small moving job far away may not be worth it. Finding trucks and vans close to people who need them saves time and wear on your vehicle. And by saving gas we are helping the environment.

VanOnCall has launched very recently. We strongly encourage you to sign up, but please be aware that you may not get customers contacting you right away. But you have nothing to lose - you can "go on duty" whenever you feel like it (for example during downtime at a job site or at home), and if a customer gets in touch, that's extra money for you!

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